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Keane Biological Consulting

Keane Biological Consulting (KBC) assists an expanding list of clients in both government and private enterprise with any type of field surveys for plants or animals.

KBC, established in 1995,is a   network of independent, objective, qualified field biologists with broad expertise in the distribution, abundance, and ecology of biological resources inherent in the many and varied habitats of California.

KBC biologists are qualified to conduct general biological surveys, as well as focused surveys, for any type of threatened or endangered species, holding all federal and state permits required to do so.   In addition, KBC biologists perform clearance surveys prior to construction and construction monitoring while construction is under way.  Both clearance surveys and construction monitoring are required for many projects when threatened or endangered species might be present.   Because KBC overhead is lower than a large, under-one-roof consulting firm KBC clients receive the highest quality biological services at a reasonable cost.


KBC currently conducts up to 60 projects annually using up to 30 subcontractors